The Wise Computer, The Computer Wholesaler.

TWC The Wise Computer Inc. is a wholesaler of technology throughout Latin America. Founded in Miami, Florida in 1989, is one of the most recognized distributors directed toward Latin America. TWC headquartered is in Miami, Florida and has subsidiaries in Caracas, Bogotá and San Jose. It also has sales offices in Ciudad Del Este and São Paulo. Specialized in the sale of high-volume products from top brands at aggressive prices, TWC is one of the strongest distributors of the region.


Since its inception TWC was always oriented to the market of computer sales. However, it needed to project how impressive its actual operation in a digital world was. It needed to project the image of a leader in the region and especially to capture leads for new customers and strengthen the existing ones.


Initially TWC contacts Hipervinculo for the development of its new website. It is when we proceed at the agency to build a business plan and the relevant research to show that through digital campaigns was possible to find businesses for the company.


We needed:

  • A proper image for the  brand in Internet.
  • Effective communication bridges with the brand’s consumers to exponentiate the brands marketed and support TWC's name on them.
  • Streamline conversations with potential clients to respond their doubts and necessities.
  • A platform to capture retailers and small wholesalers, plus constant communication with their customers, reactivate dead accounts, and get new large accounts.



We designed a new Web site that changed TWC’s face digitally, with a content structure very similar to the previous one but with added key points to business growth, and a specific contact form to require credit purchases.


One of the main functions of web was attracting new potential customers, for that we develop a web page oriented to its organic positioning in Google, and on top of  that  with the right quality score when we need it to run the future Adwords campaigns.


We needed to constantly monitor it  in order to optimize it for getting conversions, and that also could handle promotions up to date and that were strongly linked to social networks.


We designed a series of landing pages, with individual domains related to search terms that generated more conversions on the web, this way we increased the quality scores on the Adwords campaigns achieving a significant boost in the pages conversions. An individual web page with a basic content structure and a contact form.


We launched a Facebook page for the brand, we needed a digital space that represented  an active brand, a receptive place for the upcoming advertising with strong levels of segmentation inside Facebook, always oriented to generate high engagement and identification with consumers of the brands distributed by TWC and that way link our client with its represented brands.


In this media we published new technologies news, special brands’ releases, events related to the TECH world, specialized videos with reviews of products, and also some homemade videos.


We started managing communications to create and publish content related to the current represented brands, we followed  important live events. Especially, we published tech news and we always tried to connect with recognized experts to get mentions.


We filmed videos of reviews where TWC’s staff could engage with their customers. We created the "The Wise Review" series in which we made the unboxing of new brands and products and also pointed the features of the products.


We ideated an emailing campaign aimed at a segmented lists from the microsites, where several pieces of email promotions were designed with key products and sent on a weekly basis.


We designed various Adwords campaigns, each directed to the microsites where the objective was to obtain a great quantity of leads that were connected to the CRM system of the company sales department.


We create a set of banners for each month to get Brand Awareness with display segmented by terms and by notorious websites targeted to countries in Latin America.


We have been working with TWC for more than 3 years, in this time we have characterized ourself as a results-oriented service provider, always difficult for companies like ours. These are some of the results achieved for this computer giant.

  • More than  75 thousand  likers on Facebook and counting.
  • More than  50 thousand views combing the videos of the series “The Wise Review”.
  • High percentage of opening ratio in the emailing pieces, more than the 25% average.
  • More than 180 thousand visits in 3 years to the website
  • More than  4 thousand leads over 3 years.
  • Significant increase in sales in the traditional distribution chain as well as emerging new buyers.

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