Flexoven, your packaging solutions provider.

Flexoven was founded in 1984 in the city of Valencia. A project was launched with the intention of offering a special service for customers and sustain the founding families. Flexoven manufactures and supplies everything related to self-adhesive tapes and packaging solutions, managed by a team of highly qualified shareholders in the plastics packaging market and motivated in the development and positioning of the company.


As a company that strives to meet the needs of its customers, it was important to project its image as a company specialized in the supply of packaging solutions to gain positioning through the digital market, publicize their products through social networks to attract new customers and strengthen the brand’ top of mind on existing customers.


Flexoven reaches Hipervinculo with the idea of ​​building a campaign of online advertising, the interest of the company to venture into the digital market is what leads us to present a plan for a long-term campaign that would position the brand in the minds of high purchasing power consumers in the industrial area.


We needed:

  • Lifting a digital community.
  • Improve the effective communication bridge with the public to potentiate the brand in different channels.
  • Active conversations with potential clients to answer their doubts and needs.
  • A platform to capture potential clients through a contact form.



We redesigned their website, with a basic/informative content structure, a product section that promoted the features of each one of them, and the option to download a technical data sheet, frequently asked questions and a contact form. Being a website the main source for attracting leads, we should focus on targeting for its organic positioning in search engines, in addition to the appropriate formula for a future Google Adwords campaign.


We started managing communications developing and publishing relevant content related to the brand personality, as well as to address the doubts and queries of followers. We employed a design profile with an image based on the communicational campaign to maintain engagement with visitors of the platform.


Each month we create emailing pieces targeted to existing customers in order to promote brand awareness with information on featured products or special promotions.


In order to get brand views of the employees of such companies of high purchasing power, we designed advertising campaigns for Facebook addressed to the website.


We designed several Adwords campaigns addressed to the website of the company, focusing on every brand product, with the aim of increasing leads and visits, in addition to search engine rankings.


We produced a diversity of banner sets, to achieve brand recognition, targeted terms and relevant websites in Venezuela. In addition to the re-impact with remarketing.


In over 2 years and a half as Digital Marketing services providers for Flexoven, we have seen the brand growth:

  • Located in the first position as suppliers of adhesive tape over their competitors Celoven and 3M.
  • Substantial increase in sales.
  • More than  590 filled contact forms.
  • High percentage of opening in the emailing pieces, on average greater than 20% with a raised nearly 7 thousand list of active inboxes.
  • In 2 years and a half more than 66 thousand visits to the website www.flexoven.com

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