Chrissie24, a brand with a great potential.

Arnamar is a family business founded in 1967 in the city of Caracas. Originally, it was a small company of manual processes, specialized in the development of hair straightening products. A few years later, are incorporated professional profiles with technical and pharmaceutical knowledge in the adaptation of the plant to meet the  needs and demands of the market by developing new products and investing in high-tech. Today, their products are held in the top of the Venezuelan market preference.


With the passage of time the product line offered by the company increases, and is when they venture into the production of products for hair care, specifically Chrissie24 brand.


With Chrissie24 in the market, the challenge was to get to a new niche market, projecting a younger, fresher and chicer image. The company already had stablished channels of distribution with wholesalers for hair products. However, Chrissie24 not only wanted to reach distributors, but also to the end user, they had to look a new way to reach their potential client through new technologies.


After researching the digital market, we proposed a marketing strategy based on the Internet growing market and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The objective was to position Chrissie24 brand as the leader company in hair treatments.


We needed:

  • A proper brand image.
  • Effective bridges of communication with the public, as a potentiation tool of the name and brand.
  • Streamline conversations with potential clients to respond their doubts and necessities.
  • A platform to get retailers and small wholesalers, the first step for the posterior attention of the sales team (new channels of distribution)



We designed an individual website page with a basic content structure, products description, pictures and contact form. We needed to be able to constantly monitor it, optimize it, and get conversions, that could bring updated information of the products to the consumer and were strongly linked to the social networks


We launched a Facebook page for the brand, we needed a digital space that represented  an active brand, a receptive place for the upcoming advertising with strong levels of segmentation inside Facebook, always oriented to generate high engagement and being able to identify new potential consumers.


Through this channel we published hair tips, home and specialized treatments, hairstyles, trends, and everything on the implementation and benefits of the Chrissie24 products.


In addition, we carefully handled the visual aspects of all communications to relate then to the brand, with a phrase that invited to know more about it.


We started managing the communications for the content creation and publication to keep it up to date, and related to the brand, and also to address the doubts and queries of the followers. We used a special design based on the communicational campaign to maintain the engagement  with the platform visitors.


Due to the strategic alloy with a video production company, we saw the need to manage a youtube space that we could feed with advertising and the organic visit of videos that will be later shared on other social channels.


Trying to strongly connect with our consumers we designed an emailing piece that would be automatically send the day of their birthday to their email inbox, the data was collected from the people subscribed to #teamchrissie, an elite group of followers that were organically formed and we capitalized on the website.


After the infinity related content to the brand and more than a thousand requests for tips on hair improvement, we created a blog where we publish articles related to the area with some frequency, we got high appreciation of our fans.


Our recently created Instagram channel is a huge engagement expression of the brand with its followers, here we still publish advice, everything related with Chrissie24 lifestyle.

Google Adwords

We designed an initial campaign to capture distributors and small wholesalers, also beauty salons specialized on the product sales.

Google Display

We created a monthly set banners to obtain Brand Awareness with display segmented by terms and web sites oriented to the target. The image of those was hand in hand with the communicational image.


It is important to highlight that Chrissie24’ results are not ours, are from a work team formed by the client, the agency and external production companies passionate about the brand and the idea of converting Chrissie (as we affectionately call it) in the Venezuelan leading brand for hair care.

  • More than 100 thousand likers on Facebook and counting (with high engagement).
  • High percentage of likers in our Instagram publications.
  • Highly Loyal followers in Chrissie that retweet our hair care tips :)
  • More than 100 thousand visits in 2 years to the website
  • More than 500 filled forms on the web.
  • But above all, significant increase in sales in the traditional distribution chain as well as new emerging distributors.
  • Love for the brand, anxiety each tip, for each new photo shoot, engagement.

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